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Katie Kenney, the new Dayton’s CW Star

April 3rd, 2013 at 3:50 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW



It’s official. Thank you Dayton, avid CW fans, and of course my family and friends for choosing me as the next Dayton’s CW Star!

As I gear up for what is sure to an exciting year I have a question for you …


What do you want to see more of in 2013? 

Do you want me to give you a closer look into events in the Dayton Community? Are you interested in learning more about how you can get involved?

Are you a big sports fan and want to see more Dayton Dragons, Dayton Flyers and Wright State Raiders?

Are you wondering about new hot spots, restaurants and parks in town?

Do you know or want to know about Dayton’s underground hip hop scene?


I can’t wait get started because as the saying goes “It’s Great-in Dayt-on!” So, let’s hear your thoughts….

A Look Into the Past Year

March 27th, 2013 at 1:55 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

DSC02454It’s hard to believe that a whole year has flown by since I started by journey at the Dayton’s CW Star.

The morning after the announcement I was interviewed by Pam Elliott on the morning news and everything started to really sink in. It was a dream come true.

I had the the opportunity to work with some truly talented people at Dayton’s CW and WDTN. I learned so much about video editing, blogging, and about how to adapt when things don’t go as planned.




Rob Schneider


My Behind the Scenes with Brandy segment landed me some incredible interviews with actors, comedians, musicians, and even some local businesses like Mike-Sells and Esther Price.

One of the best parts about my behind the scenes segments is the fact that I could have fun with them. I had a chance to sing, dance, and play dress up on a number of occasions at La Comedia Dinner Theater.







My love for the CW programs has only grown since my time as the CW Star and I hope that after this position ends I’ll be able to find my way back into the world of vampires, Winchester Brothers, and Cult whether that is through acting or in some other capacity.

Since this will be my final post as the Dayton’s CW Star I want to say thank you for all the support I’ve had from friends, family, and people in the community. Your words of encouragement truly mean the world to me.

So to the next CW Star and all those who have followed my journey, keep exploring Dayton and discovering new reasons to love it, and of course continue watching the CW because with sexy vampires, fun loving teenagers in Manhattan, and mysteries that will make your head spin, how can you go wrong??

If you want to connect with me beyond the CW Star check out my Twitter @Brandy Zapata or my Facebook!


Confused about Cult? Don’t Be!

February 26th, 2013 at 4:31 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

So it might sound a little tricky at first, the whole, show-within-a-show concept. But really, it’s simple to break down.

The CW’s  brand new series is called “Cult” and within that series is an “inside television show,” that is also called Cult.

There are some key characters that you need to know about.

Let’s start with the main character Jeff Sefton. Jeff is an investigative journalist. He finds himself drawn into the television show world of Cult after his brother, who was a big fan, mysteriously disappears.

Jeff is by no means a man without secrets…it seems that in his line of work he sometimes crosses the line to get the truth. It might put him in some dangerous situations soon if he doesn’t proceed with caution.

Skye Yarrow is another important character to keep an eye on. She is a young research assistant that works on the TV show Cult. She agrees to help Jeff in his pursuit of uncovering the truth about whats going on both in the TV show and with the crazy fans.

Speaking of crazy, let’s talk about the cult leader Billy Grimm.

In the television show he controls what goes on within his “welcoming family.” But behind all that charm is a ruthless leader.

The actor playing Billy Grimm is Roger Reeves. Roger makes a brief appearance in the first episode when he bumps into Jeff. He seems harmless enough, but who knows if that’s really the case.

Kelly Collins knows what it’s like to play a weird role on Cult.

She portrays an LAPD detective named Marti Gerritsen on the show trying to find her missing sister and investigating the cult she was once a part of. To make things even more interesting she had a very close relationship with Billy while she was in the cult.

The lines of reality and fiction are very blurry on this show. You might think you have all the clues figured out but the mystery is just beginning to unfold and there are lots of twists ahead.

Catch all new episodes of “Cult” on Dayton’s CW every Tuesday at 9PM!


Curious About Carrie?

January 30th, 2013 at 2:21 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

Have you been watching the hot new show, The Carrie Diaries?

If not, you’re missing out…but have no fear, this blog is going to catch you up on what you’ve missed.

The year is 1984 and Carrie Bradshaw is in high school dealing with everything from boy drama to family issues and finding her way in the Manhattan world.

So far, she has found the love of her life, “bad boy” Sebastian, and seemingly lost him after discovering his shady past. Turned off by her snooping and analyzing Sebastian walks away from a heartbroken Carrie.

Carrie’s best friend Mouse was reunited with the guy that took her virginity then broke up with her. Turns out, he just didn’t know how to be a good boyfriend. We will soon see if he can figure it out the second time around.

Dorrit, Carrie’s rebellious little sister who seems to enjoy being a kleptomaniac might be learning the meaning of responsibility now that she has to take care of her own hamster named Morrisey.

Have I mentioned Carrie has made some high profile friends in Manhattan? That’s right, her innocent charm has gained her a hip British friend and mentor named Larissa.

There is a lot of exciting drama ahead and you won’t want to miss a second of it. The next episode is titled, “Fright Night” and by the looks of it a costume party could mean a lot of fun or trouble for Carrie.

How to Prepare for the 2013 CW Star Auditions

January 8th, 2013 at 1:03 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

It’s that time of year…the CW Star auditions are back!

That means it’s almost time for yours truly to be passing on the torch to the next face of Dayton’s CW.

If you will be attending the auditions and want some advice I’ve got a few ideas for you.

1) Look Camera Ready- Pick out an outfit that you’re comfortable in but that says, “I’m ready to be on television.” Bright colors are a good choice. Dark jeans and a jacket always look good too. I’d recommend that you avoid anything with a distracting pattern.

2)Get Your Face In Place- The camera is not kind to any kind of blemish or redness on your skin. So that means some make-up is needed to give you an even skin tone. A little foundation and powder should do the trick…this goes for guys too.

3)Smile- It let’s the judges know you’re excited and happy to be auditioning, even if you are feeling nervous and unsure on the inside.

4)Do Your Homework- Do you watch Dayton’s CW? If so, that’s great. If not, that’s ok too but you should become familiar with it by watching a show or two and exploring Also, check out my videos to see what I’ve done this year in both interviews and events.

5)Know the Facts- Read the application and rules thoroughly so you  know what is to be expected. Also, if you happen to list a special talent, you might want to be prepared to bust that talent out during your audition.

6)Be Confident- You are awesome! Let the judges know that through your body language and voice (don’t fidget or shift your weight too much). If you are someone who starts talking faster when they get nervous be aware of that and try to keep an even pace.

7)Say Hi- If you happen to spot me at the auditions (which I’m sure you will) say hello and if you have questions for me I’ll answer them as best I can while you wait in line.

8)Have Fun- The fact that you are auditioning at all takes guts. I was really nervous last year at my audition but in the end I was so happy that I gave it a shot!

It’s going to be such a great day. I can’t wait to meet all of you that come and audition. Best of luck!

2013: Ideas to Help You Celebrate the New Year

December 28th, 2012 at 12:23 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

2012 has been a great year, but now it’s time to look forward to the new year and celebrate it with style.

I have some ideas to help you ring in 2013 right!

1) If you are celebrating with some young ones you might want to have a game night. Bust out the board games and snacks. You can play the night away until the clock strikes twelve…trade your champagne for a milk and cookies toast OR get some sparking grape juice.

2)Host a midnight dinner. After the clock has struck twelve invite your guests to partake in a light dinner followed by some tasty desserts.

3) Create noise makers. The traditional noise makes for New Year’s Eve can be fun, but why not step it up and create your own? You can encourage guests to use everything from pots and pans to beans in a cup. Whatever you use, be sure to decorate it with some shiny paper and streamers.

4) Try a tradition from another part of the world. In Spain people eat 12 grapes at midnight to secure 12 happy months that year. In the Netherlands they burn bonfires of Christmas trees. The fire symbolizes out with the old and in with the new. Also, in Greece the bake St.Basil cakes and inside the cake is a silver or gold coin. Whoever finds the coin in their slice of cake will be very lucky the next year.

5) Follow some old superstitions and customs. One old custom is called first footing. The custom is that the fist person to enter your home in the new year. Ideally, he should be tall, dark-haired, and good looking. The first footer should bring a loaf of bread, some greenery, a piece of coal, and a pinch of salt. In Germany, an old custom is to drop molten lead into cold water to tell the future from the shape it makes.

Whatever you decide to do on New Year’s Eve make sure you have fun and spend it with the people you care about most!


Coming Soon: The Carrie Diaries

December 12th, 2012 at 1:06 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

That’s right, in just about a month The Carrie Diaries will be premiering on Dayton’s CW.

This show will be taking us back to 1984, when 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw is having a tough time dealing with the recent loss of her mom. Her sister is rebellious, her father is overwhelmed with new responsibility, and her friends, though supportive, have their own issues to deal with.

If you know anything about the show Sex and the City then you know fashion will play a big role in Carrie’s life. She sets the trends and isn’t afraid to be bold even at the young age of 16.

This show has everything to do with finding yourself and taking risks (That can apply to love and career choices). It might not always be easy but the best rewards seem to come out of the most challenging situations.

Sounds pretty entertaining right? Well, if you want to get a head start into learning about Carrie’s life you could always check out the book series. The Carrie Diaries book series, written by Candace Bushnell, is a prequel to Sex and the City.

January 14th at 8PM the Carrie Diaries will premiere. You won’t want to miss it!

Let the Gossip Girl Countdown Begin

November 21st, 2012 at 2:48 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

There are only four episodes remaining of Gossip Girl. . .just four!

I’m not quite sure what will happen when that final episodes air.

Will there be tears, laughter, wide eyes of realization, or more questions?

Regardless, it’s time to prepare ourselves for a television world without Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate, and the infamous GG.

Make your predictions and bets now because the identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed in the final episode. I have my suspicions, but I’ll keep them to myself.

There are still so many other loose ends to be tied up though. Will Serena and Dan finally get back together? Or will his writing push everyone away from him? Is Ivy playing Rufus or does she have true feelings for him? Will Chuck and Blair be “official” and Bart be defeated once and for all? Can Nate get the Spectator to be a success?

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

You don’t want to miss a single second of what about to go down in the Upper East Side.

Tune in Monday at 9PM.

Thanksgiving Food Favorites!

November 16th, 2012 at 6:04 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

Thanksgiving is next week and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a fantastic time of the year to just relax with family and enjoy some delicious foods.

Here are some of my favorite foods to have at Thanksgiving and some simple recipes you can try this year:

1) Corn Casserole


The reason that this side dish is so great because it’s a nice combination of corn bread and corn pudding. It’s very simple to make and requires minimal preparation.

If you haven’t tried it before this one is a must!


2) Rosemary Roasted Turkey


Turkey is a staple of the holiday. But the key is really getting the best flavor possible and making sure it isn’t too dry.

This recipe is one you may one to try.



3) Mashed Potatoes


At my house Mashed Potatoes are a win every single time.

Whether you like them with butter, cheese, salt, sour cream, or just plain they are quite filling and tasty! There might be some leftovers but who’s complaining about that?



4) Rolls


The dinner rolls will be one of the first things you run out of…but it’s because they are just soooo good.

Homemade bread is the way to go.


5) Macaroni & Cheese


Last but not least we have the Mac & Cheese.

You can add bacon bits, bread crumb toppings, or even have is be baked mac and cheese.

This one is always a good bet for the kids of course. The best part about this side dish is that it doesn’t take that long to make.

No Boredom November: Events and Fun for You!

October 31st, 2012 at 2:06 pm by under CW Star, The Dayton's CW

Even though the weather may not be the best during the fall and winter months that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things going on in Dayton!

I’ve got a few events listed here to get you started.

It’s A Wonderful Life at La Comedia Dinner Theater

November 1st through December 31st

Whether you know this story by heart or have yet to see this show before it’s guaranteed to warm your heart this holiday season. La Comedia Dinner Theater provides not only a wonderful show but a delicious dinner as well.

If you have never been to this theater before, now is the perfect time to go.




Katie Promotion at the Blueberry Cafe

November 8th at 11AM

Join the Dayton’s CW Street Team at the Blueberry Cafe while we hand out free goodies like Katie compact mirrors and cups.

Plus, you know the Muffin Man will be there with some delicious muffins that are sure to make your mouth water!



Santa Arrival Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony

November 17th at The Greene

Begin your holiday season with a little music, lights, and more. Beginning at 5pm there will be a performance by the Beavercreek marching band.

Following that will be Muse Machine a parade and the New Day Church Worship Band.


Key and Peele at the Nutter Center

November 17th at 9PM

Looking for some laughter?

Key and Peele from Comedy Central are here to deliver just that. Plus, if you’re a Wright State student you get a discount on tickets!


Silent Auction and Tree Decorating at the Dayton Art Institute

November 23rd- November 30th

Love decorating the Christmas tree? Get an early start at the DAI.

Local artists will be creating ornaments for the holiday tree and will be on display in the General Motors Entrance Rotunda. All proceeds from the silent auction will be benefiting the DAI Summer Art Camp Scholarship Program.